Sunday, November 11, 2007


I attended the AACIS (American Association of Collegiate Independent Study) conference in Ogden, Utah Nov 1-3,2007.

I presented on how to include audio in an online course (Can You Hear Your Instructor Now?). I also attended a great session on Copyright and Fair Use and another on Labs for Science Courses Online.
The keynote speaker for this year was Dr. C. Daniel Litchford Jr. I am a sucker for motivational speaking done well and Dr. Dan was one of the best.
The same info I have heard over and over but yet was presented in a fun, inspiring way.
The essence: To be Enthusiastic and Exel one must take time to ENERGIZE! This can be accomplished by visiting the Self Awarness Chamber (bathroom), and smilling into a mirror for 15 sec after saying "Energize!) This method wards off the negative "e" words (enervate, excuse, and expire)