Monday, December 31, 2007

A Favorite Technology Item From 2007

Always trying to keep up with and explore new technology related items (a daunting task that I do not claim to be that good at). One new item that I immensely enjoy is Google Blog Reader. In 2007 I actually started to want to read blogs on a regular basis, but it was becoming more cumbersome as my list of blogs to try and visit grew. It was difficult to stay organized about when to visit which blogs. Many post sporadically and others post with great frequency. I found myself visiting the blog over and over to find no new posts (total waste of time), or lagging in my visits and returning to find way too many to even want to peruse through them all. A blog reader keeps it all organized, I visit the reader and it tells which of my favorite blogs have new posts and allows me to review all the info right there, I can even star postings that I want to keep handy.
A blog reader has been my one of my top favorite tech items for 2007.
Google Blog Reader.
A video that makes it clear.