Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's All the Buzz? Web 2.0 Presentation

Just posting the Web 2.0 presentation, feel free to use parts of it or the whole (Creative Commons).
What is Web 2.0? There are several facets to this answer the main aspect being: in the past the internet had very few "authors" now WE as a collective have the capability to write/share/create on the web thanks to the multitude of web applications being developed (blogger, flickr, youtube, etc). Also in the past we had to buy software and load it onto a single computer, web applications allow us to use them from any computer...and many cost nothing!
Please ask questions or leave comments about this Web 2.0 presentation .
I have presented it at the American Association of Collegiate Independent Study conference 09 and the MNSCU ITeach 09 conference, as well as multiple groups at Central Lakes College, MN.