Friday, May 30, 2008

eLearning Training--Desire2Learn Faculty Training

Completed two days of putting on workshops for faculty at Central Lakes College.
Day 1-for faculty wanting to or just getting started with eLearning technologies.
Day 2 for faculty that are experienced and wanting to expand on e-learning skills.
Each session had 16 in it and all had a computer for hands-on experiences.
It went great!
Here are some comments from attendees:
"I just wanted to thank you for the training session on D2L. I found it to be very helpful and since I am teaching my first online course this fall, I feel this new version of D2L will be much better for both my students and me. Thank you for this opportunity - I look forward to further training sessions."
"I just want to say that Michael and Pam did an outstanding job yesterday with the training. It is so important for faculty to have an opportunity to receive training and have a chance to collaborate with others in online teaching and learning discussions. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in many more of these!
Michael had us learning from the moment we walked in the door until we left the classroom! The training was very well-organize and helpful.
Thanks for these opportunities!"
"Thank you for another excellent workshop yesterday! As always, this workshop was so valuable in helping me get prepared for the new version of D2L and to learn about some new technologies that I can consider using in my future classes. One of the things I value most about workshops like this is the opportunity to learn from other faculty about tools they are using effectively and creatively in their classes. Having dedicated time with other faculty to discuss these things is so appreciated.
The workshop was well paced, well organized, and superbly led by Michael and Pam! Thanks so much for a great day!"

And one that I consider to be a very high compliment -
"Some of the examples from your classes made me believe in online learning for the first time... Thanks."

I Saw the Future of Teaching

Dr. Michael Wesch from Kansas State University was the main speaker.
“A Portal to the Future of Education”
I attend many a conference and workshop about technology and teaching. Most everyone is saying the same thing: students are disenfranchised with the educational process, information is readily available, technology tools should be harnessed, etc. All are trying to make their way with these ideas myself included, Wesch's presentation was the first to really break through and harness the greater potential of technology in a complete way. The relevant, engaging, interactive learning that he is DOING made my hair stand on end. It is the type of teaching and learning that can change the world--it was learning CRANKED, (turned up on 10).
Can't go in to all of the details here in this blog post but will keep posting and expounding on it.
For a foundation connect with and acknowledge how information is Different now.
The following are the videos that launched Wesch to rockstar status on youtube.

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Information R/evolution