Monday, November 8, 2010

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX

Thankful I was able to visit the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX in Feb. of 2010.

The other side of the building makes it appear to be sitting right in the water.

I am always interested in the chance to see works of art in person (the actual physical view) instead of only from reproductions. I have never been much into Anselm Kiefer's work but seeing it person does help. Because of the large size I was able to make out that this is a picture of a room and then all covered with stuff (emulsion, ash, paint..stuff).

Here is a sculpture made only out of tens of thousands of wintermint, plastic wrapped, hard candy.

There was also a very nice exhibit of Andy Warhol's work from the last part of his life.
The walk back to the hotel was very long. I encountered the longest extension cord plug in I have ever seen-it went on for a few blocks, I still do not understand but here are some pics.

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